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Social projects

Since Shipyard J. Talsma was founded in 2003, it has been involved in several very special projects. Next to its regular activities - construction, maintenance and restoration of ships - the management of the company is aware of the importance of maintaining knowledge and conserving historical vessels for the provinces in the north of the Netherlands. It is equally important to Talsma to educate people with ‘distance to the job market’ in the ship-building sector. These priorities come together in the special restoration projects that the yard has done over the years.
  • Koftjalk de Tromp: purchased in 2006, project not completed yet, in collaboration with the Municipality of Groningen, project ‘working after detention’
  • Project "Pollux": project completed in 2011, restauration of the iron Tjalk “De Jonge Douwe”, in collaboration with the Maritieme Academie Harlingen and SkûleWelzijn in Franeker
  • Beurtschip Dorp Grou: in collaboration with Empatec, sheltered employment, Sneek
  • Steilsteven ‘Jatrie’ Groningen

For all these projects we have worked with students, interns and people with a considerable distance to the job market. A part of this group has moved on to a job in the beautiful profession of shipbuilding.

Shipyard Talsma (to which Dry-dock Groningen belongs) wants to involve people, especially the young, with the industry and offers them an accelerated opportunity to find work in the shipbuilding sector by providing practical education. ‘Everybody deserves a chance’, says Director Jelle Talsma, and this translates into the special projects that give the Frisian shipbuilder a lot of pride.

Shipping — and therefore shipbuilding as well — appeals to people in all layers of society, and, for that reason, is well-suited to bringing people closer together. Shipyard Talsma can therefore be considered to not only build ships, but also bridges.

Shipyard Talsma employs highly experienced professionals who know the tricks of the trade and can share their knowledge with students. Furthermore, as becomes evident from the above, there are collaborations with various governments, educational institutions, social institutions and foundations. It is clear that Talsma is a serious partner for these organisations.

The newest addition to this list is Steilsteven ‘Jatrie’, which will be restored in our Dry-dock in Groningen. The restoration of the Jatrie will also involve students. 

Franeker, 26 September 2014.


Please consult the Dutch version of this website for more information on our social projects.