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Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel

Shipyard Talsma has taken on an eye-catching project. The historical Crane 13 on the NDSM-yard in Amsterdam will be converted into a luxury hotel in Franeker.

Crane 13 is the last remaining construction crane on the former shipyard and the conversion into a luxury hotel fits perfectly with the current development of the area along the IJ. In the past years, the NDSM area has been transformed to a cultural zone with many companies in the creative sector. 

Talsma will fully restore and repair the steelwork. After that, three suites will be made and placed in the mast of the crane. A TV studio will be built in the portal. 

The images below give a good impression of what the crane hotel will look like once it’s finished.
Dismantling and transport
On Monday 22 July the dismantling of Crane 13 started at the NDSM site.

The dismantling and the placement on the pontoons of the different parts took  the best part of a week.

The crane was transported to Franeker after the different parts had been placed on the pontoons. Here, Talsma will commence with the renovation and the conversion of the crane into a hotel.

The video below gives you a good image of the dismantling of the crane.

Arrival in Franeker
On Saturday 27 July 2013, the transport with the disassembled crane arrived in Franeker and was hoisted of the pontoons.
Progress of portal
The images below give a good impression of the works on the portal.
Construction of suites
Replacing the portal standards
On Wednesday 25 September 2013 the standards of the portal have been placed back.
Placing the walkway
On Monday 30 September the walkway has been placed on the sand-blasted portal. This gives you a good image of what the crane will eventually look like.
Placing the lower mast
The lowest part of the mast has been placed on Wednesday 9 October.
Transport of Crane 13
On Friday 18 October, Crane 13 was disassembled and transported to the former NDSM-yard.

After weeks of demolition and construction works, the reconstruction can start. In the night of Sunday 19 October it has been successfully transported on two pontoons to the NDSM-yard.