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Our yards

Shipyard Talsma has three locations in the north of The Netherlands (Friesland and Groningen). Every yard has its own specialisation.

Shipyard Talsma Franeker

Performs new construction projects for a range of clients. Sections, motorised yachts, commercial vessels or classic sailing vessels. Hulls as well as finished end products. This concerns complete hulls, sections of ships and offshore-constructions. The location is situated at the open water of the Van Harixma-canal and has a spacious quay for outfitting purposes. The crane capacity of the outfitting quay is 40 tonnes. The yard in Franeker currently employs 40 people.

Shipyard Talsma Heeg

Our location in Heeg is mainly used for the execution of smaller projects. This mainly concerns building and reparation of sailing and motor yachts and small commercial vessels up to 30 meter. You can also go here for lengthening or shortening your ship and for selling and buying ships. It also has a ramp for ships of up to a max. of 80 tonnes.

Dry-dock Groningen

For all the necessary maintenance of your houseboat or sailing houseboat, for example docking, hosing and renewed coating.


Schipyard Talsma also offers its extensive knowledge and experience on-site.

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