The place to be for shipbuilding, repairs and maintenance

Dry-dock Groningen

For all the necessary maintenance of your houseboat or sailing houseboat, for example docking, hosing and renewed coating.

In close consultation with the expert of your insurance company, we also make the necessary repairs to your underwater hull. To guarantee sufficient coverage by insurance in case of damage (for example as a result of freezing of feed-throughs or leaking rivets, etc.), insurance companies demand a regular (every 4 or 5 year) inspection of the underwater hull.

We can also advise and/or assist you with regard to the maintenance of the inside of your underwater hull (which is just as important as the outside). Note: make sure that your ship is clean and dry on the inside, in order to prevent corrosion.
We can also perform reparations on deck at very competitive rates, for example to bollards, decks, partially or entirely renewing the deckhouse or den, bulwark, wood fenders, railing, etc.

We will be happy to advise you in case of damage or for a purchase or selling inspection. We highly recommend you to reserve the dock in case of damage or for a purchase or selling inspection. During the summer months June, July and August we can offer you a 10% discount to all possible works. When you would like to receive this discount, please notify us prior to the commencement of the works.

If you have questions or if you are interested and want to make an appointment for a servicing in our dry-dock, please come over for a visit, or give us a call and we will inform you in the best possible way, without any obligations.