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The "Soeverein" is an impressive appearance. The ship is a tribute to the East Indiamen from the Golden Age.

The "Soeverein" has been rebuilt according to a unique vision, but it has been inspired by the 17th-century VOC-ships. The high structure at the rear of the ship, 5 meters above the water, ensures a magnificent view. It has a mirror that does justice to a ship with a royal appearance.

It is a tribute to the ships that traded and waged war in the name of the Netherlands in the Golden Age. De Soeverein is therefore outfitted with 10 'real' cannons.

It has a very historical atmosphere, whoich is contrasted by the luxury of 5-star comfort. Prepared for everything that is or may be important to guests. There is space for 30 overnight guests (single or double beds), with the possibility to extend the capacity to 44 overnight guests by using extra folding beds. There is a wedding suite with jacuzzi as well. The ship has ample space for parties of up to 150 persons. From the large party room you can go to the atmospheric bar, or go to the lounge to relax on a sofa next to the fire in the low season.

Finished in 2006.

Commissioned by “Admirality” Gerard and Richard.


Ship type: East Indiaman
Length: 58 meter
Width: 7,2 meter
Height: 33 meter
Depth: 2,1 meter
Number of sails: 10
Sail surface: 750
Masts: 3
Watertank content: 15000 liter
Bow thruster
Total length ropes: 15000 meter